Bajoue: a turning point in our lives.

Each company has its own story. Ours is not long, we are not even a year old. However, we have come a long way! Bajoue is a bond between two sisters-in-law. We started working together at the family restaurant 10 years ago. This is where we became friends, and it was also where she met my brother. We are now sisters-in-law! I have a bachelor's degree in psychology and a master's degree in speech therapy. Before having my children, I worked as a speech therapist in a rehabilitation center for intellectual disabilities. Amélie, for her part, studied primary education. Before that, she studied art. She is passionate, a born artist.

Bajoue is therefore an idea launched in a family meeting when I was pregnant with baby 2 and this, 5 months after the delivery of the first. I often mentioned to Amélie having difficulty finding Sisters-in-law, partners, entrepreneurscomfortable but stylish baby clothes. I am not the type of jeans super stiff for my baby who learns to move his small members. I'm also not the butterfly type with brilliant written « adorable » basically or even better " you are my sunshine "… You know what I mean! Amélie took out her sewing machine as a solution to my problem. This is what has awakened something in us! This is where two sons were affected, we no longer saw clearly so we had ideas. In April 2017, with complementary strengths and a common vision, we launched ourselves into the void. Amélie therefore released her sewing machine last spring. This sewing machine stayed on his kitchen table ... all summer. My brother is a patient man! (the neighbor too, it's noisy this little machine !!). There was cloth in her apartment. All over! I will not tell you about my basement which has turned into a real warehouse. We are currently working on having a small workshop, our chums will find that the houses are large once the Bajoue stock is moved.

Rabbit aviator hatSince last spring, we have been working every day to create products that go beyond the usual childish patterns. Our missions are to create products like modern mothers who like to dress their baby as "mini adults". Everything is done by ne. The designs on some of our fabrics, the patterns of the clothes, the cutting of the fabric and the packaging to go to the post office. We now have a seamstress, Isabelle, THE rare pearl who understands our unhealthy attention to detail.


This is where we are. Sometimes we say to ourselves "but what did we do there?" ", But most often we say" wow if we could do that all our life! ". Going into business is a whirlwind of emotions. It's scary, like anything else that is unknown, but it's so rewarding. Each order is a victory and it makes two bin bin girls happy !!!

And you, what is the project that is close to your heart?

Classy bib

Camille Baribeau, Co-founder Bajoue mom, blogger, entrepreneur, camille

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Your story is very inspiring!
Well done and long live Bajoue!

Marie-Christine Roman January 29 2018

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