Blue: trendy color for fall / winter 2019-2020

One of the main trend colors for fall / winter 2019-2020. Cold color reflecting freshness, calm and freedom.  

Scalable rocket pantsRocket turtleneck sweater cream

Rocket pants                                   

Rocket Jumper

Interesting fact: 

Did you know that blue is the most loved color in the world? The blue would have a calming effect and would naturally lower blood pressure. Blue evokes intelligence, integrity and confidence. This is why several companies are approaching blue as the color of representation. In Western society, blue is thought to be associated with masculinity (stereotypes created for commercial purposes in the 20e century in order to encourage the renewal of the baby wardrobe on the arrival of a newborn baby). It would be the opposite in China, more associated with femininity. At Bajoue, let's remove the stereotypes, adopt the blue and keep our pieces preciously for the brothers, sisters, cousins, cousins ​​to come.


Girl's rocket sweater

Rocket Jumper

For successful looks, combine sky blue with brown, orange, burgundy, cream and black colors. Mix pattern pieces with solid pieces. Embellishes everything with textures. Dare and create original "kits"!

Pastel blue bib

Pastel Blue Bib

Pastel Blue Dress

 Rocket pants


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