How to choose your size of pants?

Our little clothes for babies and children are appreciated and our "grow with me" pants are no exception! Comfort is at the heart of our designs, but style has not been forgotten. Before choosing your model, it is important to know what size you should take.

3 choices are available to you:

0 12-M

This size fits from birth until your child wears size XNUMX-XNUMX months. It is therefore the size of pants that must be chosen if your baby is still warm in your belly or for a successful shower or birth gift !

1-3 T

Does your child wear size XNUMX months in most clothing brands? You have to take this size so that he wears it for a long time. The pants will do until your child wears clothes of size XNUMX-XNUMXT. Isn't that wonderful a piece of clothing that will last so long ?!

3-5 T

Does your child now wear size 3-4 T in most clothing brands? It is this size that you must choose!

Size pants evolutionary jowl

P.S. Our pants aren't shaped like "leggings". It offers a comfortable style. A unisex piece, stylish and perfect for playing. It may become slightly more tight for the legs in the last months that your Bajoue will wear it but still looking good. Among other things, if baby has good thighs and a good belly, the fit can be a little more "skinny" !

P.S. Our pants are washable diapers proof. If baby is approaching the next size (ex: he is wearing XNUMX-XNUMX months), immediately take the size above (here the XNUMX-XNUMX T) to keep a suitable space for the butt !

Now you are ready to choose the right size with confidence. Don't forget that we offer a service ofexchanges and returns simple and flexible.

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Camille Baribeau, Co-founder Bajoue mom, blogger, entrepreneur, camille

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