How to choose your size of sweaters ?

At Bajoue, the sweater has become a must. The loose cut allows your child to play and move freely. Before choosing your model, it is important to know what size you should take.

4 choices are available to you:


This size is ideal from birth until your child wears size 9 months. So this is the sweater to choose if your baby is still warm in your belly or for a shower or birth gift! If your baby has just few months, this size will fit for a long time. If your baby is already 6-9 months old, we recommend choosing the next size right away.

1-2 T

Does your child wear 9-12 months in some clothing brands ? You should take this size. The sweater will do until your child is wearing clothes of size 2T. If your child wears clothes 18 months, it is better to take the size above so it will fit longer.

2-4 T

Your Bajoue is starting to lose his Bajoues and is now wearing size 2T in most brands of children's clothing? It is this size that you must choose ! If your child has been wearing 3T for a long time, it might be wiser to choose the size above.

4-6 T

You definitely don't have a baby anymore! Fortunately, Bajoue now offers sizes up to 4 years old. If your child wears 5-XNUMX T in other brands of children's clothing, this is the size you need to get.

Now you are ready to choose the right size with confidence. Don't forget that we offer a service ofexchanges and returns simple and flexible.

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