Bloomers : How to choose the right size?

You want to get our adorable little ones Bajoue bloomers, but hesitate when the time comes to choose the size?

First of all, why use this system of sizes (XS, S, M, L)? Because you absolutely MUST NOT trust your child's age, but rather the size of their beautiful thighs.

Indeed, a very thin 3 year old child can wear the shorts "Small" while a particularly plump 8 month old baby can wear the shorts "Medium" see "Large".

To ensure maximum Comfortable it is important to follow these steps:

1. Take a string;
 Step 1
2. Go around your child's thigh with the string;
Step 2
3. Measure the string using a measuring instrument;
Step 3
4. Compare your results to this table.



 When your child gets older, their thighs may no longer fit in the short shorts or they may leave small marks on their thighs. Don't put this little collector's item too far away, it might do again when your little one loses their plump little thighs to make way for nice big athletic legs!

NB If baby is still warm in your belly, the size XS will be the right one. The bloomers will do it from birth (with a little "lousse" at the thighs).

NB If baby is at washable diaper, it is better to take one size larger.

Now you’re ready to choose the right size for bloomers in complete confidence. Do not forget that we offer a service ofexchanges and returns simple and flexible. Now tell us, what models will you take?

Bloomers models


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Hello Camille.I find your collection very beautiful.I will be a grandmother in 4 months and for the moment I do not know the sex of the child yet.I have subscribed to your collection for being a future client. Have a good day

Gisele May 03th

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