The end of my maternity leave

A few days ago, I returned to work after 2 ½ years of "leave". I had a preventative withdrawal and then two maternity "leaves" one after the other. It makes it time spent at home. I am spoiled, these are the two best years of my life and also those which passed most quickly. It was a chance to see them grow up near me. Precious moments, sometimes trying, but always rewarding. I wouldn't have traded my seat for anything in the world.

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The comeback did not go as smoothly as I thought. However, I had a lot of time to prepare myself mentally, I knew that this long leave was going to end well one day. It's hard to go back to a fixed schedule, in an office most of the time. Let's say that the hours advance more slowly. In the last year, working on Bajoue alongside my sister-in-law while taking care of my youngest at home filled me 100%. It gave me the freedom to keep my older one with me when the viruses ran the daycare, so very often. I am now back as a speech therapist. I love my job, but nothing equals time with my children. In addition, I stress with what is not being done at home. I dread my evenings.

The most difficult thing is not to work during the day. The hardest part is the second shift. Come back home, take care of the brats while keeping your good humor of course. Supper preparation, a period of games, baths, dodo routines. Then after washing, doing the dishes, tidying up the house (which is a big mess despite the fact that no one is there all day ???). There are dishes for 10 people. Did we receive people for supper and I don't remember? With my "mommy brain" it looks like it wouldn't even surprise me ...

It is finally 22:00 pm and I have not done half of what I wanted to do in my day! The next day, at 5:15 am, my alarm clock (Tristan) wakes me up. It's gone my kiki as my big one would say.

So there it is, it's difficult, but I imagine that we are picking up the pace and getting used to this crazy life.

How did you find the big return?

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