The good side of shortened nights

We will not hide it, your sleep since the arrival of baby took a turn say ... different. A good 3 hours in a row of sleep is now very often a rare commodity. We will not talk about sleepy mornings, an expression that is no longer part of your vocabulary.

two baby lying

Although it could be demanding, I surprised myself, in the middle of the night, thinking about the good sides of these shortened and fragmented nights…

  1. You have the privilege of observing the magnificent sunrises.
  2. You are developing your vision skills: finding your way back to the baby's room with your eyes half closed and the light still closed is no longer a challenge for you!
  3. You also develop your dexterity: a diaper change at 3 am without the baby waking up, there is nothing there!
  4. You're ahead of your news reading, being awake when Press updates its application.
  5. You were able to make a to-do list of thunder for the coming day.
  6. You can take the opportunity to do a little online shopping, of all kinds: baby clothes that grow too fast, new makeup (tse your concealer loved that you spend a little too quickly), and even tickets not too expensive…!

And you, do you see some advantages? ;)

Maude, Bajoue collaborator

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