The feet-hands-mouth, a beautiful virus to spice up your summer!

In the last few days, we have been attacked head-on by this virus, the Hand, foot and mouth. A virus that sneaks in and can wreak havoc on its path.

First my big one who had 5 pimples on the chin. I was like "wow easy the Hand, foot and mouth, there is nothing there ”… I am stupid to have judged this virus so quickly. The next evening, fever for my little one, I rock him all night, nothing to protect me from a possible contagion, tse a mom bin too in love. Next morning, several buttons on his mini body. The face, neck, legs and feet. Over the hours, it grows. He becomes the poor poor. Two days later, visit to the emergency department following the recommendations of a pharmacist. The Hand, foot and mouth is a little too extended for his taste. Nothing serious, I am confirmed that there is nothing we can do. I still take 30 seconds to show him a funny button that settled on my finger during the day. I am told that it is very rare for adults to catch it. Only time will tell…

That night, fever to change my t-shirt 3 times. You will have guessed correctly that I was the victim of this childhood illness which has no pity for the adults who catch it. Pimples gradually grow over several days. The pain is indescribable. Extreme itching mixed with a burning sensation on the hands and feet. Walking gave me a strange feeling. The comfort of being able to scratch my feet effectively and the pain that burned and swarmed under each of my steps. That's not all, my face is spared, but everything is concentrated in my throat. Joy and comfort are at the rendezvous. The night is a nightmare, it itches, it itches.

Emergency room visit; take two. I will not spend another night in this state. He's the same doctor we saw earlier this week who feels a little sorry for me. Painkiller and morphine, combined with benadryl and tylenol. A nice Thursday cocktail. A few days later, the brands are still present, but the pain is slowly subsiding. I lose my skin like a snake and pray that my nails will stay in place. This virus has only one conviction, to massacre your skin.

So here is my summer epic.

Other victims?

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Camille Baribeau, Co-founder Bajoue mom, blogger, entrepreneur, camille

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