Diaper bag essentials

Without making any hiding places, the first time I filled my diaper bag, I was in the field. A few diapers, a washcloth, a couple of wet wipes… I think it was an hour after I left my house that I realized it was taking A LOT more than that. So I am sharing with you my diaper bag essentials, to prevent "moms in the making" from learning the hard way! ;)

diaper bag

  • Layers, of course!
  • Several washcloths. I repeat, several! Regurgitation, milk, pee / poo accidents, anything can happen!
  • A packet of wet wipes. They make life easier during less "pleasant" diaper changes, let's say!
  • A small changing mat for diaper changes, no matter where you are.
  • Small bags to deposit soiled diapers / clothes while waiting to arrive at home.
  • Protective cream for the baby seat, miniature version!
  • Un hid layer and / or spare pajamas and, if space allows, add a small set for you too! BIG incidents happen!
  • Un bonnet and baby mittens. Very handy when you arrive in the slightly air-conditioned sections at the grocery store!
  • A small toy / book to amuse and distract baby.
  • A spare pacifier.
  • If you are breastfeeding, nursing pads and, on long outings, your breast pump if you have one!
  • A blanket for baby.
  • A ready-to-serve commercial milk bottle and a pacifier can always help.

baby clothes

And lo and behold, it may seem like a lot, but most of the items were added following an event of some kind… I will spare you the details! For experienced moms, what are the essentials of your diaper bag?

blankets / comforters to take everywhere.

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