First year at daycare; we tame microbes!

A few months ago, October was slowly settling in. The fresh air, the orange landscapes, it's magnificent fall in Quebec. Only with autumn come cold temperatures and with that also comes an innumerable batch of walking microbes running daycares and attacking our little fragile beings. 

It's my first winter with a baby at daycare. Does it remind you any memories? Or maybe you are living the same kind of winter as I am now?

 mother daughter autumn landscape

My daughter has had a cold since October 2nd. His cold is more or less intense depending on the week. I'm not complaining, I know health is fragile and fortunately it's only a cold (ear infections, pneumonia, bronchitis). It's annoying if I can say it like that! After 7 visits to the doctor, 4 of which I was alone, in a waiting room with two babies under two years old. Let your imagination run wild to find out how the wait went. I learned that I could breastfeed by running after a child who ran away to the doctors' offices (multi-task as they say). They all told me the same thing: “it's often like that the first two years of daycare”. Oh well that's encouraging all that, I only have a year and a half left. 

 baby cold bib

With such a cold, which at times seems more like a real man flu, an adult would take a good dose of syrup every 4 to 6 hours, extra strong tylenols, combined with lozenges (those that numb throat) every 3 hours, even if it is written every 4 hours (I sometimes cheat for pastilles). Meanwhile, I treat my daughter's cold with an onion cut in half under her bed, a pillow to raise the mattress and the steam engine (name we give to the humidifier, it's more cute and less complicated to say for my 21 month). Of course, I also do the " nasal shower ". If you're not familiar with this term, it's super simple; it involves injecting salted water into a nostril with a syringe so that it comes out through the other. Traumatic at first, but it gives you breathing voices in no time! After that, our casserole seems to breathe better for at least 2-3 good minutes. It is the best you can do it seems. Ha I forgot, I also give herbal medicines that have not yet proven their effectiveness. I keep giving it to him because otherwise I feel guilty saying that I didn't do EVERYTHING I could. I am counting on the return of small migratory birds to regain their full health.



Thank you moms xx

 Camille Baribeau, Co-founder Bajoue  mom, blogger, entrepreneur, camille


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