Stimulate your child's language… at the grocery store!

In my work as a speech therapist with clients 0-5 years old, I always try to find little "homework" for parents who integrate well into their daily lives. Now that I'm a mom, I realize all the more the importance of being realistic in what I offer them! The key, for me, is to target activities that come up regularly, linked to everyday life.

Here are some ways to stimulate your child's language and communication when you shop:

  • Place your baby's shell in front of you, so that you can talk to him and look at him, this will encourage interaction.
  • When you take a food, especially if it is colored (it will attract his attention if he is still very young), show it to your baby while naming it a few times and describing it (eg: “Look, mom took a banana! A good yellow banana! "). If your child is older, offer more information related to the food.
  • If your child is older and walks next to you, you can stimulate the understanding of short instructions by asking him to go and get certain foods (eg: “Go get a lettuce, please!”) .
  • You can also stimulate the understanding of simple questions by asking him where a food is in his field of vision, or by offering him choices (eg: "Do you prefer oranges or clementines?") .

Obviously, this is not an exhaustive list, let your imagination run wild! Remember that as soon as you speak to your child, using a vocabulary accessible to him of course (beware of long descriptions or complex instructions), you stimulate his language!

Maude Lemieux, Speech therapist



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