You are now 2 years old

girl two years

Last week, you turned two. It makes me very funny to think that you were in my womb not so long ago. It's like your birth happened yesterday, but at the same time, I feel like you've been your mom forever. I remember exactly the emotion I experienced when I saw you for the first time. I don't know if we can forget that. I thought you were so beautiful. I have repeated it hundreds of times! I was already so proud of you.

You changed my life. Everyone says that I know it. But it's because it's true. It changes your life not just more or less. A lot of joys, challenges, pride and insecurities. You are still very small, but you have already taught me so much.

There is nothing more beautiful to me than seeing you laugh and dance. Your good humor is contagious, you amaze me every day. You sound like a champion and you are sometimes awkward on your little legs. See you start to create your imaginary world, take care of your babies, pretend to feed them, put them to sleep ... I look at you, I say nothing, I find it so beautiful. In all your clumsiness, you want to take care of your little brother. You give me giggles and in exchange, you are my best audience. Thank you life!

I love you my pref xx

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