You know you're a new mom when ...

Being a mom changes a life. It's a new routine, a new schedule, a new way of thinking and a change in our priorities. Maybe some will recognize themselves!


1. When you swing on yourself from left to right without even having a baby to sleep in your arms.

2.When you haven't stopped all day, but you don't know what to answer when your boyfriend asks you what you did today.

3. When your criteria for a definition of "beautiful night" are really light.

Baby bed room 

 4. When you watch the advertisements of huggies and pampers with your eyes in the water.

5. When you change 3 times and you always smell the curds to realize, at the end of the day, that it is your hair that had this smell.

6. When you can have a coffee at 17:00 pm and still fall asleep at 20:00 pm on the couch.

7. When to talk about poop is a frequent and trivial topic, even around mealtime.

8. When it has happened at least once, around 4 am, to promise yourself that you will never get pregnant again.

sleep mom baby

9. When you can get out of the baby's room, on tiptoe, squatting, bypassing what is lying on the ground, in the dark and all that, without making any noise.


10. When you go out buy yourself clothes and come back with a complete baby wardrobe.


11. When your hair always ends in a "toque" on your heade.

mom baby

12. When you rock the grocery basket even when baby is not in it.

13. When you heat your coffee 10 times to finally forget it in the microwave.

coffee mom


14. When you no longer wear jewelry, but you proudly wear a regurgitate on one of your shoulders, or both.

15. When you're looking for where the poo smell comes from as naturally as when you're looking for your cell phone. It is finally his layer which overflowed, you have it on the arm and he has it until the middle of the back. You know what kind of damage I'm talking about ...!

16. When you read this list and laugh instead of crying, just because you love your mini so much.


Do you recognize yourself? Share with the new moms you know :)!

About the Author

Camille Baribeau

Camille, entrepreneur and mother of two young children, is responsible for the marketing / branding / social media component of the Bajoue company. Between several hugs and kisses (and also some crisis management), she also takes care of the administrative tasks of the growing business!



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