The end of breastfeeding, happiness and sadness ...

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With my coconut, I returned to breastfeeding. My experience with my biggest had left me on a note…. In fact, I cannot say on what note it was. I only said to myself that on my second, I would not be relentless. I had promised myself.

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A nice surprise in the recovery room, almost a relief. My coco is champion, he barely had an hour of life and was already drinking like a grown-up. I couldn't believe it. The drinks passed and obviously a little pain set in. It was “endurable” and I knew it was temporary. I felt that this time everything would be fine! The first few weeks were a time of adaptation, for him and for me. We got to know each other and with practice (a lot a lot of practice !!!) we became a perfect team. There were ups and downs, but we always ended up getting along with him and me. The last few weeks, I saw the time pass, it crossed different stages. Holding your head, turning around, sitting alone, laughing, babbling… Watching him grow up reminded me constantly that breastfeeding was drawing to a close. I quit by choice. However, while it's a choice, that doesn't mean it's easy. I wanted to breastfeed so much, I was so happy that it worked and there, I force you (the word is well chosen) to take your bottle. What is wrong with me ?! I feel like I want to push you away.

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We alternated bottle feeding and breastfeeding for a month to come to your last breastfeed. It was the last time you'd be glued to me and look at me that way. With the bottle, it's not the same. Hands taken, I don't feel so close. I am sad, but at the same time I feel so blessed to have had this beautiful experience. Giving life is great and for me, nourishing it for the first few months was just as important. With Bajoue, I won't hide the fact that my life is a bit hectic. Breastfeeding has allowed me to stop several times a day and spend quality time with him. I was "taking a break", it was our moment. Maybe that's what helped me stay the course. I'll miss it terribly, but for both of us it's better this way. It's just another step that begins and precious memories that will remain. His small face, his red cheeks from working hard and his state of absolute comfort. 

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And you, have you breastfed?


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