Sisters-in-law to associates

It was when one of us was expecting her first baby that we became aware of the need to combine style and comfort in the choice of clothing and accessories. We don't want to be wrong, we definitely want the best for our future baby. Here, as if it weren't complicated enough, we had a slightly higher level of difficulty: we weren't asking for baby's gender. So we needed unisex pieces, comfortable and stylish.

A few shopping sessions, parties and family brunch later, we had this idea; Create clothes for toddlers as comfortable as pajamas, but just like modern moms. Our ultimate goal: to combine style and comfort in each pieces. We were young and naive. Not at all aware of the project we were jumping in !


It is therefore since March 2017 that Bajoue offers clothes and accessories for 0 to 6 years old. It is with great pride that we can say that everything is entirely made in Quebec. Knowing the conditions under which our small pieces are made is essential for us.


Amélie, mother of a newborn, illustrator and designer, gives concrete expression to the thousand and one ideas that we have. All of our designs are his own creations. She is the one in charge to choose fabrics and colors for our collection. She makes sure there is nothing missing in inventory (or almost nothing) and that quality is there. A problem with your order? Amélie will answer you and take good care of you.


Camille talks to you every day through social media. A mother of two young children, she divides her time between family life and Bajoue. Between several hugs and kisses (and also some crisis management), she answers your questions and comments! She is responsible for the marketing / brand image component and is responsible for the administrative tasks of Bajoue.

“Before launching Bajoue, our knowledge for the business world was zero. Our personal Instagram accounts were practically empty. "How do you make a instagram story Amélie ?" " Camille, March 2017 (hahaha). When the expression "learning on the job" takes on its full meaning. We are proud of what we have accomplished so far. To see our Bajoue's products in your daily photos, in the most memorable moments in your life, it is priceless. We have the best customers, thank you so much! ”