Sisters-in-law to associates

It was when one of us was expecting her first baby that we realized the need to combine style and comfort in the choice of clothes and accessories. We don't want to be wrong and we definitely want the best for our unborn baby. For our part, our motherhood brought us to a slightly higher level of difficulty; we weren't asking for the baby's gender. We therefore needed unisex, comfortable and stylish pieces.

A few shopping sessions, parties and family brunch later, we had this idea; Create clothes for toddlers as comfortable as pajamas, but just like modern moms. Our ultimate goal: to combine style and comfort in each pieces. We were young and naive. Not at all aware of the project we were jumping in !


It is therefore since March 2017 that Bajoue offers clothes and accessories for 0 to 6 years old. It is with great pride that we can say that everything is entirely made in Quebec. Knowing the conditions in which our small pieces are made is essential for us.


Amélie, maman d'un nouveau-né, illustratrice et designer, concrétise les milles et unes idées que nous avons. Tous nos motifs sont ses propres créations. C'est elle qui fait le choix des tissus et des couleurs. Elle s'assure qu'il ne manque de rien en inventaire (ou de presque rien) et que la qualité est au rendez-vous. Un pépin avec ta commande ? C’est Amélie qui te répondra et qui prendra bien soin de toi.


Camille talks to you every day through social media. A mother of two young children, she divides her time between family life and Bajoue. Between several hugs and kisses (and also some crisis management), she answers your questions and comments! She is responsible for the marketing / brand image component and is responsible for the administrative tasks of Bajoue.

«Avant de lancer Bajoue, nos connaissances pour le monde des affaires étaient nulles. Nos comptes Instagram personnels étaient pratiquement vides. « On fait ça comment une storie Amélie? » Camille, mars 2017 (hahaha). Quand l’expression « apprendre sur la tas » prend tout son sens. Nous sommes fières de ce que nous avons accomplis jusqu’ici. De voir nos produits Bajoue dans tes photos quotidiennes, dans tes moments les plus marquants de ta vie et de celle de ta petite famille, ça n’a pas de prix. On a les meilleurs clientes, merci tellement !»

Camille & Amélie